Hapa Mission

In Hawaii, “hapa” is a term for people of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander ancestry. Although its origins are less than positive (“hapa” is Hawaiian Pidgin for “half,” as in “half caste”), today we hapas take pride in our blended racial heritage and the term has evolved into an endearing affirmation of identity, wrapping its arms around many cultures and ethnicities to create one big family called hapa.

As part of this blending, Little Hapas likes to MIX IT UP! We’ve gone to great lengths to find complementary food favorites from different pins stuck into this big map we call Earth. From Korean refried beans and kimchee salsa, to Mex-Italian quesadillas, hapacorn and Asian coleslaw . . . we mix and match the best parts of this planet to create delectable, unique and healthy morsels that will rocket your taste buds into a whole new world!

This “fusion” is the most important part of Little Hapas, as we aim to promote and embrace racial and social diversity in all aspects, through our food, message and mission. Equally, we are committed to reducing food waste, using environmentally responsible packaging, and challenging food poverty.

Famous hapas: Gok Wan, Alexa Chung, Sean Lennon, KT Tunstall, Keanu Reeves, Rachel Khoo, James Wong, Meg Tilly, Jennifer Tilly, Dean Cain, Ann Curry, Tiger Woods, Nicole Scherzinger, Mike Shinoda, Phoebe Cates, Bruno Mars . . . and the list goes on.


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