“I’ve been dreaming about my korrito all week long!”


The Little Hapas korrito. We coined it. We created it. Sure, there are countless other Korean-fusion burritos in the world — particularly in the US.  Most include the insanely addictive marinated and barbecued bulgogi (beef), galbigogi (pork ribs) or dak galbi (chicken). Little Hapas doesn’t do meat, but as our head hapa, I grew up with the stuff and can say I never met a barbecued anything I didn’t like — especially if it was marinated in the special Korean sauce my Auntie taught my mother to make some 50 years ago.

hapasauceI’ve played with that recipe for a few decades now and finally came up with something we now call hapasauce. I wanted it to taste like Korean barbecue straight out of the bottle. It is the cornerstone of Little Hapas’ korrito. We use it in our Korean refried beans with ginger, onions, garlic and a few other taste treats, then add steamed rice (three different rices and barley), cheese, sempkin flower seeds, wazelnuts, avocado, Little Hapas cowgrrl dressing and more hapasauce . . . .littlehapas KIMCHEE But wait, I’m forgetting something. You can’t have Korean without KIMCHEE! It’s the super spicy, super stinky superfood synonymous with Korea. And we make our own! Then we chop it up and add it to fresh ripe tomatoes, green onions, pear (or apple), pepper, cilantro littlehapas piKOREAdegallo(coriander), lime and a few other seasonings, then cold smoke it with hickory. We call it pi-Korea-de-gallo. Mmm hmm. That’s how we roll. All fusiony like that. And it goes right in the middle of our korrito.  Then we wrap it all up in a fresh tortilla and grill that bad grrl crispy on the outside and hot and melty on the inside — just enough to keep the pi-Korea-de-gallo and avocado fresh. “I’ve been dreaming about my korrito all week.” This from one of our loyal lunchtime customers. I think this just might catch on.


St. Patrick’s Rocketship hapameals

Haven’t seen little hapas on the streets lately? Well that’s because we’ve been very busy in our test kitchen, creating interplanetary goodies for hungry lunch meeters, street gobblers and biscuit dunkers! Our latest offering is quite literally out of this world and something St. Patty would be proud of. (Well that’s what the members of the luncheon party said anyway.)

St. Patrick’s Rocketship hapameals

colcannonball chowder with rocket launchers

colcannonball chowder with rocket launchers

rocket-powered colcannonball chowder: This is colcannon with a kick! We only went and chowderized it. Fluffy baked potato and crispy potato skin pieces mixed into a new potato, sautéed cavolo nero (black kale), leek and onion chowder and topped with a garlicky, cheesy, sempkin flower seed, rocket pesto. There were 14 kinds of happy jigs danced after this little tummy warmer went down!

rocket launchers: rocket pesto & parmesan baked tortilla crisp bread — on their own or piled on top of your colcannonball chowder. O.M.G. Beckay!

hapaslaw: cabbage, carrots, mangetout, green onions, sempkin flower seeds, *cowgrrl dressing & **hapasauce. What’s a St. Patty’s Day without cabbage?

oh my guinness! moonpies

oh my guinness! moonpies

o’ my guinness! moonpies: a gooey marshmallow and vanilla white chocolate pillow, group-hugged by two chocolate coconut oh my Guinness! graham-cakey-cookies. What the-!? We don’t need to say anything more about this. Have one with a glass of milk, a cuppa or, heck, even a Guinness!

If you have a meeting coming up and want a lunch that will wake everyone up, call round for a céilí! We’ll create a menu just for you.

*rocket pesto, rocket launchers & cowgrrl dressing contain dairy. **hapasauce contains soy and sesame.

cowgrrl hapameals saddle up in Surrey. YEE HAW!


little hapas just wrangled up hapameals for 32 hungry cowgrrls in Redhill. Yes-Surrey, we shore did cook up a storm! Here’s what was on the menu:
veggie cowgrrl chili: Kidney beans, black beans, chick peas, toasted barley and bulgar wheat in a medium-spiced, smokey, chilli-tomato and fresh pureéd vegetable base; topped with melted cheese.
crunch-a-dillas: little hapas cheese-pizzadilla baked tortilla crisp bread — a great combo with cowgirl chili!
hapaslaw: Cabbage, carrots, mangetout, green onions, sempkin flower seeds, *cowgrrl dressing & **hapasauce.
s’morewich: Lightly-smoked, toasted marshmallow/white chocolate butter-cream filling sandwiched between two Graham cracker chocolate chip cookies. So dern good, you’ll be wantin’ s’more!

*chili, crunch-a-dillass & cowgrrl dressing contain dairy. **hapasauce contains soy and sesame.

Right now, we’re busy creating a St. Patrick’s Day hapameal that’ll bless the little cotton socks off a whole heapin’ mess a hungry meetin’ folk in March. If you want us to rustle up some grub for your next lunch meeting, why just give us a hollar! We’ll be happy to come up with sumpin’ spaycial for ya. Ya’ll come back now, y’hear?

Hapa New Year!

next to park

lishreditzttle hapas is off to a great start in 2013!  We rolled up next to the park on Imberhorne Lane in East Grinstead (9-11 January), and had a great time meeting dog walkers, lunch breakers and incredibly polite and friendly students. There were loads of samples of pizzadillas, korritos, cookie sandwiches, hapacorn and our new snack, shred-itz surf mix. Oh yeah, and our lunch specials went down a treat too.

mushadishWe now offer a fresh, healthy 5-a-day-crudite w/cowgrrl dressing to accompany your pizzadilla, or just as a snack. As little hapas likes to mix it up (and eating your vegetables should be fun), each bag holds a little surprise – a hand-carved radish! OK, so a radish carved into a mushroom won’t solve the world’s problems, but like our colourful little MegaVan, it might just put a smile on your face, so we’re halfway there.

Now, one little thing that may not put a smile on your face . . . some of you might have wondered why little hapas was only on Imberhorne Lane for a few minutes of our debut TGI-Korrito-Friday. Well, one greedy little trickster who went by the name of “Derek” phoned, impersonating an official and threatened to “move us on.” We obliged, but very shortly thereafter spoke with real officials who said we have every right to be there and “Officer Derek” is as invisible as his cowardly private phone number.

We don’t like bullies. But we do like making fresh, delicious, innovative food and sharing it with the friendly folks on Imberhorne Lane. So look for little hapas again this week! Imberhorne Lane, East Grinstead • Thur-Fri, 17-18 Jan • 12:30-3:30. Check our MENU for LUNCH SPECIALS.