cowgrrl hapameals saddle up in Surrey. YEE HAW!


little hapas just wrangled up hapameals for 32 hungry cowgrrls in Redhill. Yes-Surrey, we shore did cook up a storm! Here’s what was on the menu:
veggie cowgrrl chili: Kidney beans, black beans, chick peas, toasted barley and bulgar wheat in a medium-spiced, smokey, chilli-tomato and fresh pure├ęd vegetable base; topped with melted cheese.
crunch-a-dillas: little hapas cheese-pizzadilla baked tortilla crisp bread — a great combo with cowgirl chili!
hapaslaw: Cabbage, carrots, mangetout, green onions, sempkin flower seeds, *cowgrrl dressing & **hapasauce.
s’morewich: Lightly-smoked, toasted marshmallow/white chocolate butter-cream filling sandwiched between two Graham cracker chocolate chip cookies. So dern good, you’ll be wantin’ s’more!

*chili, crunch-a-dillass & cowgrrl dressing contain dairy. **hapasauce contains soy and sesame.

Right now, we’re busy creating a St. Patrick’s Day hapameal that’ll bless the little cotton socks off a whole heapin’ mess a hungry meetin’ folk in March. If you want us to rustle up some grub for your next lunch meeting, why just give us a hollar! We’ll be happy to come up with sumpin’ spaycial for ya. Ya’ll come back now, y’hear?