East Meets West.


Class! Pay attention. What does Little Hapas do? That’s right, we mix things up!  And how do we do that!? We take one part East and one part West and fold it neatly into a fluffy flour tortilla, that’s how. So, how perfect would it be if we told you that we’ve only gone and partnered up with our wonderful East Grinstead Town Council to sit on the Meridian Line at East Court Mansion – the very place where East meets West! How cool is that?

eastwestCome and be a hapa yourself! Stand at the Millennium Stone and put one foot in the East and one in the West, then grab a korrito and a cookie sandwich and enjoy the sweeping views of the Ashdown Forest while you enjoy Little Hapas world fusion street food. There’s a great adventure playground down by the football fields and another at the top end. Tennis courts, woodland walks and gorgeous grounds. Make a day of it!

eastcourtviewWe’ll be there this Bank Holiday Monday (27 May 2013), 11:30am-3:30pm. Then on 2 June, we’ll start Summer Sundays off with a bang! We’ll also be at East Court for some very special events throughout the summer. Check back for weekly updates.


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