Pssst . . . England, we’ve got two American classics – hapa stylee.

Peanut butter cookie. Oatmeal raisin cookie. Ever had one outside of the US? We haven’t seen any in the UK! Which is why little hapas is bringing these American classics to Sussex. One, because we miss them. Two, because we know you’re going to love them!

Speaking of two . . . we couldn’t just offer you one cookie. We had to make a treat worthy of the British sweet tooth. So we developed a rich, creamy vanilla-pod-white-chocolate-butter-cream filling – then sandwiched it with TWO of our chewy, crunchy hapalicious cookies. If you’re too full from your monster korrito, put a cookie sandwich in your bag for later! They’re sealed for freshness.

pbcookiesPeanut Butter
Cookie Sandwich:
Two chewy American-style peanut butter cookies with our rich, creamy vanilla-pod-white-chocolate-butter-cream and peanut butter filling. We realise most Brits may not be too familiar with the American tradition of mixing peanut butter with something sweet, but you have to trust us. We haven’t met anyone yet who hasn’t gone gaga over this!

oatmealraisinOatmeal Raisin
(& Apple)
Cookie Sandwich:
Nestled between two oatmeal raisin (& apple) cookies lies our thick rich, creamy vanilla-pod-white-chocolate-butter-cream filling . . . with just a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. This compliments our own blend of freshly ground pumpkin-spice mix within the cookies. If you can get that far without devouring it, run home, put the kettle on and get cosy while you eat this. You’ll probably need a nap. This is comfort food at its finest.


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